Mission Statement

We are a unique group specializing in pain and injury therapy. We employ advanced level orthopedic massage to reduce or remove pain and reestablish pain free movement. A physician's prescription is not necessary for treatment.

We also teach advanced level techniques to massage therapists throughout the State of Arkansas, to disseminate this knowledge and broaden the therapeutic approaches provided by therapists.

Orthopedic massage may be thought of as "The missing link" between the doctor and the physical therapist.  It does not replace physical therapy, but it actually allows the patient to more fully embrace it with less pain and better range of motion.

The Partnership

For maximum results in injury resolution, there must be an ongoing agreement between the client and the therapist. The therapist can begin the process with the therapy.  Next the client must do his/her part with ongoing after care work.  It does take both the client and the therapist working together to get results.

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Gary D. Jones, LMT/ Master Level Therapist
MMPA Certified,
Licensed in Arkansas at Master level and Texas at Instructor Level

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